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This page shows some of our Native American products.
We carry quite a few other products besides our Medieval Weaponry. We have an extensive line of Native American products some are pre- fab & others we custom make ourselves. We make most of our dreamcatchers, medicine wheels, talking sticks, medicine bags, ceremonial dance rattles & pipes. We also carry more decorative & ornamental items such as wind chimes, garden plaques & statues.  

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This item is a custom made Talking Stick DreamCatcher used during ceremonies & dance rituals. It is sealed wood with leather lace & fringe work. It has a concho with a Quartz Crystal mounted in the center. It has multiple feathers from different types of ducks & the web to hold out the bad spirits. It is 26" in length.                                               This item is 50.00 

This is a custom made Medicine Wheel

This Medicine Wheel is about 14" across .The hoop is totally wrapped in braided sinew. The center cross is a heavy latigo leather & held in place by braided sinew. It is painted white on one side & black on the other. It has lots of fringe & bead work plus crow feathers suspeded below.It has rabbit fur & a heavy hanging strap from the top.

This piece is 45.00 

Ceremonial Fan for Smudging & Blessing

This custom ceremonial fan is used for many different purposes.Whether it was a full moon smudging with white sage to cleanse the lodge. Or a blessing for the hunting party before they leave. Also at festivals & dances. This fan has wild turkey, duck, & hawk feathers. They are wrapped together with leather & sinew, displaying beadwork with a brass bell, & rabbit fur.

This Item is 26.00

Ceremonial Dance Rattle

The dance rattle was used in most of the festivals & ceremonial dances. It was more of a rhythym instrument used with the drum & flute. This rattle is about 18" long with a fur & leather wrapped handle with horse hair suspended from it. It is filled with beans to rattle inside half a coconut shell with a tight leather head on top & a wooden heart hung from the handle. Some rattles were made with turtle shells, they are harder to come by. It also has beadwork on the head & fringe with feathers.

This item is 28.00  



This is a Ceremonial Talking Stick.

This talking stick was used by the shamen or medicine man in his predictions of upcoming battles or of the success of a hunting party. Even for just general council to the chief or braves. This Talking Stick is 26" long & has the representation of many of the animal kingdom with which their daily lives were always intwined. It has a bear claw on one end, with a swatch of snake skin wrapped around the stick held by suede strips. It also has a small medicine bag attached with white sage & wiilow bark inside. Two of the most dominate symbols of certain tribes are present, a small dreamcatcher & a gods-eye. There is a long tassel of horse hair hanging with other fringe, bead work & feathers.  

This piece is 45.00

A combination Medicine Wheel- Dream Catcher

Most of the items with the more solid interior are catagorized as medicine wheels, where as the web designs were dream catchers. This piece encompasses both together. The outside is wisteria vines wrapped in jute with a piece of latigo leather, conchos, fringe & feathers at one end. It is tied together with a piece of rabbit fur at the point. It has the web made from colored cotton threads with a 2" quartz crystal entwined inside the web. There is fringe, feathers, beadwork & is 16 " long.  

This item is 28.00

Ceremonial Tomahawk Pipe

This tomahawk was also used as a ceremonial pipe at tribal  meetings. It is adorned with a medicine bag, leather wrapped with fringe, beadwork, fur, & feathers . It has a heart pattern on the blade & a leather hanger to display it with. This is a functional ceremonial pipe about 17" long.

This item is 65.00